Welcome to Quantum Satis, the family mini oil mill. It is a great honour and responsibility to be the link in a complex chain of production and processing of oil seeds whic includes a variety of breeders, agronomists, technologists, chemists, biologists and designers as well as the doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists and many others.

In the last few decades, there has been a strong tendency towards natural, healthy food involving oils and fats. Proper choice of oils as well as consumption of adequate amounts of oils are essential prerequisites in a healthy diet.

At the very beginning, we started our concept of production with salad oils i.e. spicy unrefined oils. Meanwhile, in the past two years, we upgraded our production by introducing special oils for cosmetics purposes, i.e. oils for skin care, under a recognizable brand of QSC - Quantum Satis Cosmetics.

Given the favorable chemical composition of cold pressed oils as well as their nutritional value (owing to the presence of ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids, high content of antioxidants, etc.), we ventured into the development of a new product, the so-called supplement mixture for dogs, with the intention to enhance the healthy development of pets. This innovative brand is known as QSP-Quantum Satis Pet brand. We are proud to say that QSP-No, an oil complex used in dog nutrition as a supplement mixture, stands for a completely innovative product, i,e. the product that is developed and produced as the first of its kind

Our motto is to follow the nature and to produce healthy and functional food – our cold pressed oils, to provide high quality skin care with our skin care oils as well as to provide pets with proper nourishment for their healthy development with our oil complex used as food supplement in their diet.

We wish you all the best. Enjoy!

Your Quantum Satis